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Articles Authored by Jill Kelley:

Washington Post, Op-Ed by Dr. Scott and Mrs. Jill Kelley, Jan. 22, 2013: Jill and Scott Kelley on the Petraeus scandal and loss of privacy

Wall Street Journal, November 6, 2013: How the Government Spied on Me


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New York Times, January 5, 2014: From Petraeus Scandal, an Apostle for Privacy

Politico, December 3, 2013: Jill Kelley brings spotlight to charity

NBC News, November 22, 2013: US officials accused by socialite Jill Kelley of leaks as part of ‘smear campaign’

AP’s Pete Yost, Sept. 25, 2013: Govt seeks Dismissal of Petraeus-Related Lawsuit

Aug. 29, 2013: Letter from Kelley Attorney Alan Raul to Attorney General 

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz, Aug. 20, 2013: Petraeus mistress secretly followed Tampa socialite

CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper, Aug. 16, 2013: Jill Kelley suing government over Petraeus sex scandal

MainJustice, David Stout, Aug. 12, 2013: Kelley Suit, Alleging Smear, Could Add to Collateral Damage Wrought By Spy Scandal

BusinessWeek, April 11, 2013: How to Save Privacy, by Petraeus Scandal Casualty Jill Kelley

WTSP Channel 10 Tampa’s Preston Rudie, March 22, 2013 Jill Kelley declines invite to CENTCOM Change of Command ceremony

Dr. Scott and Mrs. Jill Kelley Lawsuit Against the Federal Government


Wash Post:


Wall Street Journal:


Bloomberg Businessweek: