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About JillKelley.Com

Jill Gilberte Kelley is a loving a mother to three girls, wife to Dr. Scott Kelley, an accomplished Cancer surgeon.

Jill met Dr. Kelley at the hospital at the University of Pennsylvania, where she published a number of medical research papers. In 2001 the Kelley’s moved to Tampa for Scott’s cancer surgery fellowship, which caused Jill to place her medical aspirations on hold and start a family.While raising her three children, she became an accomplished real estate developer and medical patent inventor.

In addition to her entrepreneurial accomplishments, Jill is a steadfast  supporter of our military and a strong proponent of foreign diplomacy.

She became the first Honorary Ambassador to the US Central Command Coalition.

Before her appointment, she dedicated over a decade of her personal time and resources to support our troops at US Central Command.

With her esteemed relationships among the Diplomatic community, she developed a particular focus on promoting cross cultural dialogue within our Coalitions allies, and an advocate of global trust for equal acceptance across the international world.

With her proven reputation and established leadership, Jill was appointed by the Republic of Korea as an Honorary Consular General in efforts to foster economic exchange with their newly passed US/Korean Free Trade Agreement.

In addition to her international  accolades and countless contributions to the US military, Jill has a personal devout commitment to the homeless.

She feeds the homeless frequently, and on various holidays, she and her family set up a Holiday dinner where they feed over 500 homeless for the holidays.

In June 2012 Jill reported anonymous threats by a stalker. Jill’s online privacy was compromised and her name was leaked with countless false headlines.

As a result, Jill became a public advocate for privacy and protection.